If you’re considering working with us, we want to be clear about what you can expect from us as an employer, right from the start. That’s what this document is for. We don’t want there to be any surprises when you join so we’re laying out the fundamentals for you to review and inform your decision.

For our part, we commit to seeing through the culture that we lay out in this document. You can hold us to that.

A quick guide to our culture

We’ve done our best to build a culture that we can be proud of. We’re laser-focused on solving an important and specific problem: helping the Everyday Workforce find jobs and helping employers to find workers.



We’re proud of what we do because it means enabling people to achieve a livelihood to support themselves and their families. It’s important, and that means there is no time to waste. We are ahead of the competition, and we want to stay that way.  We have to work fast and effectively so we can get these people, our customers, what they need.

So, our culture aims to be direct and exclude those things that don’t contribute to us solving this problem together.

Vision and Mission

This is our vision, the thing that we’re aiming for. It should be nearly impossible to reach. We want to become…

<aside> 💡 Vision: The Home of The Everyday Workforce


Our goal is to connect the Everyday workforce to jobs, resources, and one another. The change we hope to see is that the Everyday workforce is no longer alone. They have JobGet, a network of people and tools helping them grow their careers and improve their financial well-being. How will we know when we get there? JobGet is a Social Job Network for the Everyday Worker.

Likewise, our mission is straightforward, and, we hope, easy to get behind:

<aside> 🚀 Mission: To Help The Everyday Workforce Thrive


If you spend just a few minutes on JobGet you’ll see that the workforce we serve is the backbone of our economy: they’re cooking, driving, selling, serving, cleaning, caring, and a thousand other jobs that are the lifeblood of the country.

The workforce we focus on is often drawn from the most historically disadvantaged groups in society. We want them to thrive and find work that will help to improve their financial well-being and support themselves and their families. And we want to make it easy so that if they don’t like their job, they can quickly find another. We believe that a world in which we fulfill our ambition is a better, fairer world.

How do we propose to achieve this goal? This too, is simple:

⭐ Engagement – We aim to provide a “wow” experience. That means that Everyday workers can effortlessly discover the right jobs, seamlessly connect with employers and instantly receive interviews and offers.

⭐ Retention – We know that if we provide an invaluable service for workers, they will revisit us frequently to improve their livelihoods.

⭐ Expansion – We want to provide meaningful opportunities for workers to grow, connect and scale the ecosystem together.